A Letter to Parliamentarians

Sent mid-2023: Dear M.P., Re. Science Advances Symphonizing with Scripture, total Implications, Government Policy, esp. Climate.  

I was privileged to study Geology under the influence of the outstanding Professor Dorothy Hill, Uni. Qld.   She seldom, if ever, used the word, Evolution she was a brilliant scientist, so did not waste time on that which could not at that time be explained.  The head of Department incidentally offered voluntary, out of curricula  bible studies.  Like the good professor Hill, he did not attempt to explain that which then could not be empirically defined  — Evolution.

In time I attempted to teach Geology and on the topic of the revelation of life, began as had my betters back at university — mystified.   The Word of God tells us that time began and time shall end, but does not explain a planet seemingly seeded with life from outer Space?  Or, with advances in science, does it?    No, this is not a dissertation on u.f.o’s.

“These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth, when they were created; in the day that the LORD God made the earth, and the heavens, And every plant of the field, before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field, before it grew  ….. .” Genesis 2: 4. 

Living cells are organized chemicals, vivified. That’s life — beyond us — and information technology — DNA, RNA, you name it — not entirely beyond us.  A powerful computer can automatically bring to our view today items which were created yesterday.  Add the possibility of technology whereby memories acquired by an information device accumulate to a level which triggers a permanent change in the device itself so as to make the device more able to survive.  The information device in effect becomes a similar but new model. What is the information technology?

“… the tree of life also in the midst… .” Gen. 2:9“… a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.” Gen. 3: 24.

The leaves which appear on a tree pre-exist, destined to appear. They are not genetic descendants of the branch.   The branch is the support and conduit along which life flows. Information governing the tree’s growth is part and parcel of the tree, yet conceivably can be modified by the environment outside the tree if the data coding is compatible(?)  Speciation the event was naturally triggered, information triggered, without negating the laws of biology, without compromising species self-integrity. Our dogs and cats will remain so.

Speciation the hands-on event can no longer be observed because we can no longer access the tree of life — but we can certainly make an attempt.  Lamarck had no intelligible explanation, nevertheless, unlike Darwin, he did pursue the obvious: If an organism is constantly attempting something, wouldn’t it make sense if it turned into an organism that could succeed? A short necked Something reaching for leaves turns into a — giraffe.  It makes sense.  What if, say, in one female, the Something’s memories became so urgent and pressing, they were to trigger a now non-functioning bio-technical capacity which flipped the organism back to a form of asexual reproduction? Some vertebrates display variants of asexual reproduction to this day.  Natural hybridization, although not an engine of speciation, nevertheless gives a hint of autoimmune tolerance in near-identical species. Cloning, of course, is humanly engineered asexual reproduction, not remote.  Shut down the autoimmune rejection, give embryo(s) re-programmed DNA —  the re-adjustments being emplaced courtesy of the accumulated memories. This is info. tech., plus but it is theoretically possible. Mother and offspring are close to identical, but not the same species. Repeat the process if need be until we have two offspring of the new species, opposite sex. A newly revealed species with all its genetics in entirety!   Launching forth in an environment to which it is at least partly suited. (Guess which book gives us without equivocation but one mother and father, the mother having been derived by supernatural (in this case) genetic engineering from what was originally the father-mother body — — and the virgin birth to boot.)

Can we catch a glance of the technology?

The Word of God more concisely than the late Prof. Hawking, begins with the Big Bang followed by cosmic inflation.   The Earth  is then gathered together through gravitational accretion.  The script twice utilizes a near unfathomable, technical, word, suggestive of expert surgery. Divided.  Light is divided from darkness.  Light photons, like other so-called quanta, are best described as pure mathematics with physical repercussions!   When suitable quanta co-relate, atoms result — matter — the components being mathematics, or in a sense a message!  Our physical universe is an information based hologram.   Light itself is the superlative information carrier of the universe.  Laser in conjunction with magnetism can achieve under some circumstances the same effect as a chemical reaction. …….

The second instance of divided is when an inflation or firmament divides a non-structured batch of elements (‘waters’).

If you are interested in the implications, look up teleportation and quantum entanglement. It sets a scene for information transfer at a distance — so sophisticated it begins to show how evolution was presumably achieved at a quantum computer keyboard level. Quanta originally in close co-relation but subsequently distantly separated from each other — identical twins, plus.

Scientists are raising the possibility of teleportation of entire molecules.   Programming DNA at a distance is not science fiction.  Meanwhile, the Earth’s magnetic field remains a 300 yrs old puzzle; a greater mystery is the near certainty, based on moon rock analyses, of our graceful companion of the skies having once been magnetic.  The sun has barely begun to unlock his secrets. Regarding planets, earth and moon especially, unexpected discoveries such as those in relation to novel states of matter such as superconductivity suddenly make the materials under our feet more than dull old rock and metal.  Superconductivity is yet another quantum phenomenon.  Extremes of  temperature, pressure, or magnetism, can have game-changing effect. The physics of the interior of planets largely remains a mystery.   Jules Verne, we may safely surmise, did not journey to the centre of the Earth. Yet, if in reality he had done so, he could have checked against his bible.   Psalm 139: “My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.”   Planet Earth generates ….. magnetism.   A phenomenon which rightly puzzled Einstein.  If extreme high pressure happens to act on some elements in a comparable way to extreme low temperature — low temperature triggers superconductivity — science will have discovered it doesn’t know anything much yet.

The methodology of Evolution was signs, Gen. 1:14, information storage and transmission, the given primary purpose of the sun, moon, earth and solar system.  Ever wondered why reproduction and the moon can have exact timing co-ordination?  In some way, Evolution implicated both information signalling and reproductive systems.  We would not have the basic day-night circadian rhythm, without the solar system. The information systems of the biosphere are as significant as the biosphere itself.   Joseph’s dream, Genesis 37:9, makes the sun a type of the father and the moon of the mother. No sun, no animal-category life.  No moon, no animal-category life. Good bed time story? Approximately 550 hundred million years ago, geologic strata changed. There was a derangement of the status quo, of norms and procedures generally. ……..   Introducing the bride!   She was sculpted from the planet Mercury, long harboured by Venus, regally transported by comets, attended by diaphanous trains of vaporizing dry ice, her entry perhaps cushioned by other ices surrounding the Earth.   Our planetary Eve –the Mother of all Living. She inadvertently planed off a few mountains, bent up the rock strata kitchenware, scrubbed the kitchen floor, windows and ceiling with tidal waves the genuine article —  it was a surfer’s paradise. That girl needed a concrete house. Does her face look as if the kitchen fought back?  The planet underwent the greatest of all submergences by sea, probably ever since there was land and sea.  Life?  Every phylum of complex or really living, transpiring life, sprang into existence in a geologic moment. A momentous action described in the Hebrew by a rare word holding paramount significance; translated into English as created.

Water, which, as part of the 550 million yr creative action, brought forth complex life, has an amazing property. Water is specifically designed to be signalled so as to …. bring forth life.  This attribute is finely engineered.  Water, H2O, is absolutely essential in every living organism, being intimately involved with DNA.   Replace water, H20, with a chemical of the same formula, heavy water, H2O every complex organism dies.  The only difference is an extra neutron — a quantum — making a barely perceptible difference in the hydrogen bond. In other words, DNA, RNA & co. , and water, are a team, fine tuned.    Water is akin to combined communicator, servant and nurse.

The Cambridge Authorized Version, exact transliteration from the original Hebrew etc., creates ex nihilo all complex life in totality at a moment of geologic time, long after plant category or simple life — the Cambrian Explosion. In four concise English sentences (not all in the same chapter) and a qualifying side-note, this most reliable of all English translations without fear or favour originates all complex organisms, Man’s physical body presumably included(?), brings in subsequent secondary modification (make, form, not create) for those which go on land; gives precedence to aquatics (which the waters brought forth) over and above the land dwellers (which the earth brought forth — a modification to latent life-forms already brought forth by the waters); associates the flying insects (fowl that may fly, which the waters brought forth) with the aquatics; associates the flying reptiles, mammals, and birds proper (which the waters brought forth, subsequently formed out of the ground) with the land animals.  We might clear the mind, here, by factoring in quantum chemistry.   Which the waters brought forth, presumably implicating the hydrogen bond(?), is paramount. Set aside lakes and oceans.  Water as we experience it is relevant only in an incidental sense. The bible is talking chemistry. Being formed out of the ground, or, which the earth brought forth, is chemically a full octave lower than water.  The basis of all complex or animal life has to do with quanta and H2O.  Evolution over the following 550 million years never altered the basics. It was pre-arranged for information to be written in over the top at least in part through a created, natural mechanism.  Information is timeless. Man’s body essentially existed back at the Cambrian.

Our palaeontology lecturer, world class, with a fossil carrying his brother’s name and he not far behind his brother, our fossil expert spent hours half in wonder and half in perplexity, describing, excluding the bible references, what you have just read. He only had fossils as evidence, not modern bio-chemistry.  Brilliant.

If we wish to know what went wrong with mankind, the account is Genesis 3.  The fossil record makes this a real event, whilst partly allegorical. Snakes in small numbers do pre-date Man, but in biologic terms we live in the age of snakes. There was a snake explosion at about the time of earliest Man. Australians should know!  In evolutionary terms, the reptile Class was hit by a bus. Snakes are degenerated elevated reptiles. There is no advantage in losing legs.  Health likewise was hit.  Whether or not human-infecting virus’s pre-date us is unclear: they certainly post-date us. The virus makes no sense —   it has nothing to do with a tree of life — the reverse.   It is a diabolic mutation of mineral.  The dust of the ground of which we are formed, rose against us in revulsion against sin. The thorns and thistles, accurately described as having been caused to bud, are partly allegorical.  The dust of the ground — minerals — has been ever increasingly mutating or budding. About 1970, a man of God, United States, Rev. David Wilkerson, in a widely circulated document which I glanced at before discarding, announced that, barring a miracle of repentance, the then rock solid U.S. banks would find themselves in trouble and near eliminated venereal disease would spectacularly break out.   No one ever dreamed that Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome could exist.   It killed tens of thousands before even being thoroughly defined.  Thorns and thistles, mutating every day.  Virus’s are one item which ceaselessly mutates along darwinist lines.

Here is the rub.   This corporation is going to be wound up today, in terms of geologic time. People will be alive at the end. The Creator gives specific permission to utilize buried resources.  “Out of whose hills thou mayest dig brass.” Deut. 8:9.   Therefore he gave the clear go-ahead to go on using fossil fuels and for that matter, uranium. So either God the Creator of the world gets it right, or the present god (or prince) of this world Satan, to whom Adam (myself; Man) sold out, gets it and us as twisted as we allow him.  Is the problem with the world, sin, originating in Adam, i.e., myself — or do we blame something else — get politically correct, run a revolution, get progressive?  And if people have been so delusional as to embrace what amounts to Animism/Spiritism and give pondscum and even lumps of rock or even nothing at all creative powers in the face of all science fact, what becomes of our Constitution? Our Constitution anathematizes State quasi-religion.  The founding fathers gave clear guidance. Shun superstition, abhor State misinformation and indoctrination.

The bible is a reference in Law: personal, family, criminal, civil, economic, etc.: and has been recognized as such by people who personally found little more therein.  It likewise is an authority in proper government policy. T. H. Huxley, Darwin’s Bulldog, found in it little more than administrative precepts.  Nevertheless as a self-described agnostic he recommended the bible to Government and Education.  The only democratic book.  Others — they were a puzzle to Huxley —  others, found and find in it a powerful, transforming love letter written to them personally. The way and hope of escape from that twin-headed monster, sin and self.  Peace with self and with God.  The scriptures can be deeply personal whilst being technically authoritative.  Had there been but one telling error in what can now be regarded as pure science narrative, the entire supposed divine script could not be technically useful.  We shall always be able to find technical fault with the Bible, if we so wish. We shall never find technical fault with an accurate cosmologic and fossil record

What about the blackfella?  He is a human being, not a puppet.  Human beings have their own peculiar difficulties to overcome. Enshrine him in the Constitution?  He is already there if he is a citizen. After overpopulating by stuffing this dry and environmentally fragile island with imported people types about whom he was never consulted and building concrete jungles on the best lands, he, who has his own peculiar difficulties including those of achieving western lifestyle or living in non-bush settings is to have a facetious shrine built over him? 

The other current political puppet?  Carbon?  No, wrong question. Like the question about the Original Occupants, the question should have been, what about the facts?  The Original Occupants were marooned here under appalling conditions probably less than two thousand years past, as the paucity of artefacts and of reliable dates suggest. Carbon has been here 4.6 thousand million, and if we go farther back to the Big Bang, probably 15 thousand million.  It was supplied to Earth’s atmosphere naturally either from Space or from volcanoes. Those are the only major natural sources. It is constantly being buried.

Quoting professor K.B. Krauskopf, Stanford University, 1967, Introduction to Geochemistry, McGraw-Hill International Student Edition, 720pp., p. 618: “A rough calculation of the carbon balance indicates that CO2 in air will fall to a level too low to support plant life within a few centuries, unless some other source of the gas is available.”  Personally, I have logged enough drill core to be assured that geochemistry, unlike some Australian political Parties, is not bogies, poltergeists, animism, nor spiritism.  There is a lot of carbon under our feet — not to mention our boats.  And when it is depleted  from the atmosphere — look out! — climate could traumatize and … death.   You can see it, in Queensland, beside the Leichardt Highway and in other places. Salt tainted reddish beds overlaying some of the world’s larger coal deposits, Bowen Basin.  96% of all species died. Life took millions of years to recover.

Perhaps we could bite our fingernails over something that is really dangerous — shortage of atmospheric carbon?

Al Gore, an original politicarbonist, presumably didn’t hang out with Krauskopf.  Different campus. Different planet? He is as qualified in his chosen field as was Charles Darwin in his — Darwin enrolled for theology.

Wikipedia:  “Gore enrolled in Harvard College in 1965; he initially planned to major in English and write novels but later decided to major in government.   On his second day on campus, he began campaigning for the freshman student government council and was elected its president.   Gore was an avid reader who fell in love with scientific and mathematical theories, but he did not do well in science classes and avoided taking math.   During his first two years, his grades placed him in the lower one-fifth of his class. During his second year, he reportedly spent much of his time watching television, shooting pool and occasionally smoking marijuana.” END Wikipedia extract.

I cover global warming in some depth @ OriginsAdvance dot com.  There is no evidence of atmospheric carbon being the major governing factor in global temperature. The Earth has a thermostat, safely in action, right now. Staring us in the face. Only, it isn’t bogie-infected primordial soups, asteroids, or even u.fo.’s.   Instead of the idiot box, storytelling and novels, Al. could have considered this: “By what way is the light parted, which scattereth the east wind upon the earth?” Job 38: 24.  Briefly:  way has to do with subatomic or quantum physics.  A spark can not jump through air unless there is a way — a pathway along which it can travel despite there being no obvious conductor.  A radio signal can not travel from here to Mars unless there is a way  — a pathway through a vacuum largely void of atoms.   Light parted is a text book in a phrase. A light photon gives every indication of being an indivisible quantity (hence, quantum physics) yet a light beam is a superlative information carrier, its speed is the universal constant, it implicates magnetism and reacts to magnetism. East windeast is the biblical anchor to all other directions: east wind could realistically be translated as climatic effects. So we have a direct link between the sun (light), electromagnetism including magnetic fields (parting of light) and climate/weather.  Here we look for our thermostat. The past magnetic and carbon records are a beginning and recent discoveries regarding the sun and Space begin to fill the gaps.   You won’t see the fossilized geomagnetic record beside the Leichardt Highway along with all that Bowen Basin coal, but it has been in the worlds libraries 50 yrs.   Magnetic reversals all but jammed at one stage while the biomass was slowly buried. The same happened during the following extinction that saw off most of the dinosaurs. We could ask Google, “Are we overdue for magnetic field reversal?”  Don’t be alarmed in the slightest at the reply. Be thankful if your version says, “Yes”, and they think some sort of unprecedented change in the magnetic field could happen. Magnetic reversals, going on the record, tend to indicate normalcy? 

Relax and produce as much carbon dioxide as you wish. Australia does have oil shales — good enough to power vehicles.  There is a thermostat.  The mass extinctions which all but destroyed life on Earth were almost certainly at least partly the outcome of atmospheric carbon dioxide starvation. By using fossil fuels, we not only saved life on Earth; we saved the Creator having to send dry-ice (CO2) comets and super volcanoes.  We would most of us not be here if he had done so? (The disappearance of the bulk of dinosaurs may also be associated with impactors from Space. Were those suspected impacts needed to restore carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, once the dinosaurs etc. had been mostly liquidated through planetary CO2 starvation?)

We were put here with resources to suit and were given permission to utilize the resources, which will see us out. The average Queensland citizen including the newborn baby owes at this moment something of the order of twenty five thousand Aus. dollars courtesy of Qld government debt, steadily increasing.  The long predicted, inevitable disaster incumbent to spoilt brat democracy.  Spend other people’s money to keep in power until any Party attempting to honestly pay bills will be slung out of office by accumulated brats.  Perhaps the author is one!  The average U.S. citizen owes at this moment something of the order of a hundred thousand U.S. dollars courtesy of multi-tier government debt. That debt has been partly run up hopefully giving countries such as ours protection from piratic, totalitarian States.  Not far away. This world is a dying mess but God loves us. Look up. “Turn ye unto me, saith the Lord of hosts, and I will turn unto you .. .” Zech. 1:3.  Anyone can see we are heading for a potential wilderness of serious troubles, but, “The people found grace in the wilderness”(Jer. 31:2).   “When you see these things begin to happen, look up, for your redemption draweth nigh” Luke 21:28.  Our multifarious problems ultimately originated in sin, nothing else. There is absolutely no unforgiveable sin barring hardening ourselves irredeemably against divine love in action.  Human problems may appear insurmountable but divine grace is infinite beyond all measure or comprehension.   But there is no point in ignoring science and rationality. 

Recently, having experienced a minor brush with the Law, I published a second site. It might not yet be up on all search engines, AustralianLawNeedsHelp dot org .

We have provably innocent persons in jail at this moment. Even one such miscarriage of justice is a national disgrace, a failure in human rights, a problem which could in fact be addressed.     Start polishing up on the Justice problems in our face?   Stand up for justice?  

Regards, etc.. Philip Heywood, farmer, Qld.