Is a future magnetic event described in the Bible?

Whereas the behavior of bodies at extremely high or low temperature may be observed either in a laboratory or in Space, the characteristics of materials under extreme pressure are not so easily studied. Synthetic diamond is manufactured at a pressure of roughly 70 thousand atmospheres: pressure at the center of

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Solar Activity and Climate

Space weather may also in the long term affect the Earth’s climate. Solar ultra-violet, visible and heat radiation are the primary factors for the Earth’s climate, including global average temperatures, and these energy sources appear to be quite constant. However, many scientists have observed corrrelations between the solar magnetic activity,

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Climate, Science, Scripture

(This was mailed to individual members of the Australian Greens and Labour Parties. This did not stop them ignoring the technical facts and imposing what amounts to a religious tax appeasing the angry climate god. These people claim to be atheists but the proper term is, obviously, animists — worshipping

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