Monkey Tour

Those naughty monkeys have been down at the evolutionary science institute. They climbed into professor Darwinstein’s time machine and played with the controls. Suddenly they find themselves in the 1700s, when a woman of some notoreity convinced quite a number of people that she had successfully given birth to several litters of rabbits.

Students: carefully study the diagram. Is this evidence that the standard of hospitals in England has a) improved b) not improved with the introduction of the national health scheme, in the 20th century?

Those michevious monkeys have been fiddling with the controls of the professor’s time machine again. This time they find themselves in the Jurassic.

Students’ question: is the black cloud a product a) of volcanic activity during the Jurassic b) the professor’s time machine burning because the monkeys tried to swing on the electrical wiring?

Surprise! The monkeys make it back from the Jurassic, but now they are all at sea, and have contacted Long John Silver’s parrot.

Students’ question: if the parrot fish isn’t the ancestor of parrots what fish is not the ancestor of a) cats b) dogs c) zebras.

The monkeys decide to take advantage of the free travel they were getting by visiting their uncle (he is a monkey’s uncle). Uncle has heard quoted that six monkeys set to strum unintelligently on typewriters would be bound in time to write all the books in the British Museum.

Students, study the diagram very carefully. Name one link in the evolution of the modern office paperweight.

Having become somewhat confused due to jungle fever, during which one of the monkeys saw pink elephants, they get the controls of the professor’s time machine out of synchronization and are in two timezones, simultaneously.

Students’ question: is the edge of the earth this close to Manhattan? Practical assignment: investigate this theory.