Quantum Physics and the End of the Evolution Controversy

We live with something which stares us in the face. Because it is so familiar to us, we may tend to lose our sense of wonder.

We are surrounded by a biosphere which displays information storage and transmission so sophisticated it excels anything Man has so far devised, as the motor car excels a wheelbarrow. Science is only now beginning to catch glimpses. These glimpses come to us, courtesy of the semi-recent science revolution known as quantum physics. Yet we all know, and we always knew – if we thought about it – we all knew, there must be real, yet mysterious, information systems about us in the biosphere.

Picture of a hen turning an egg

From identical twins knowing what each other is thinking, to our horse, dog, or other animal, knowing what we are thinking – something is afoot. It constantly stares us in the face. There is a kaleidoscope of information outcomes in the biosphere. Examples are legion – here is but one, and the reader may add his own. Broody hens physically rotate the eggs most days if not every day. For the near-precise number of days required. One may think it could result in neck/head dislocation for the hen. How is it that a bird, from the moment it is conceived, is pre-programmed to rotate the eggs over which it broods? The number of times required? A pre-set computer?

For millions of years, down millions of generations, hens have been rotating eggs. Animals know what to do. How do they know what to do? Animal instinct is known to everyone yet everyone knows nothing about animal instinct. Other than that it works!

Information technology absolutely essential to species is written into species. Identify those information systems and we have a much improved basis for understanding species. Even, perhaps, a basis for understanding how the species actuated.

DNA, RNA, and possibly other cellular information carriers work on a database of four, or perhaps even more?? Not two. Our desktop works on a database of two. DNA consigns the best computational system designed by humans to the realm of baby talk. And thinking about quantum computation, a feature of DNA – makes us giddy.

Anyone with the simplest understanding of christian theology may become giddy thinking about databases of more than two — but will be at home with one being three, each of the three being the one ….. .

We live in a quantum universe.

Picture of an Australian working dog standing on top of sheep

The most sophisticated aspect of the physical universe – animal life – relies upon the most sophisticated information/intelligence systems. We can now catch glimpses of the technology behind species, and, therefore, species transformation. Species transformation is the question of questions in Biology. Evolution happened. How?

Quantum physics is simply physics advancing. Only in the last century did the nature of the components of the atom begin to come to light. Through understanding of the components of the atom, we begin to understand the fundamentals of matter and of the universe. Keep in mind – no microscope has sufficient resolution to see inside an atom. It took time for experts to devise the detective methods necessary to understanding atoms. This means the most sophisticated science relating to creation of the worlds will be the last to be deciphered.

Planck: Energy (E) equals the Planck Constant times Frequency. Planck was mathematically describing the outcome of exciting atoms by heating. This formula is detection at a distance. Computed by measuring the emissions from excited atoms, it indirectly can be used to deduce the components of the atom. Planck was studying heat induced emission from special ovens. The universe consists of atoms and their components. Planck’s formulation demands atomic components be a waveform – they have frequency. When excited, the atom emits at certain frequencies. What startled Planck was the proof that an individual atom does not emit this waveform energy in a smooth, seamless continuum. Emission is ‘grainified’. Each ‘grain’ of energy, E, is a discreet quantity in its own right. The energy in his formula is a discreet amount, quantity, or quantum. A quantum, a discreet quantity of …. ? Something. A waveform, yes. But waves do not come in lumps. It exists, as energy – yes – but we think of energy as a smooth continuum. The radiation emitting from the combined, innumerable atoms of his heated ovens was a collective continuum – but the energy emitted from individual atoms is not a smooth continuum. Were the atoms trying to talk to Planck?! He was doing more than merely holding a thermometer against a roasting turkey.

Picture of an elephant picking up a log with its trunk

Atoms emit energy in discreet quantities – discreet mathematical units. Each unit of emission is a wave of a specific frequency. Yet the wave is concurrently a discreet quantity. A mathematical expression which has physical powers – something called a quantum. E, the energy of each quantum, equals frequency multiplied by a mathematical constant. Frequency is not material? But atoms are material! Is matter material, or no? Frequency is in a sense a message. When holding a thermometer against a roasting turkey – or against a beam of sunlight, for instance – the emitted energy appears as a continuum. It is a continuum for the purposes of classic or newtonian physics. Useful for the purposes of developing a sun tan. Recently, science has become more precise than roasted turkeys and sun tans. How could atomic emissions be a waveform whilst being specific units – quanta?

Einstein: Energy equals Mass times the Speed of Light squared. Einstein co-incidentally showed light – a waveform – to be streams of energy packets or quanta! – photons. Atoms can absorb photons and they can emit photons. The heat from roasting turkeys can transmit as light if the turkey catches fire. Sun tans are courtesy of light. Sunscreen is recommended because of the ultraviolet component thereof. Light happens to be an extremely sophisticated potential information transmitter. Besides being good for tanning. Photonics excels electronics in information systems. The photon, the quantum of light, is a variety of communication mechanism.

Picture of a horse and rider shouldering a beast at a campdraft event

Thus, combining Planck with Einstein, the definition of an atom, and thus, the universe, becomes, Matter (mass) equals energy with a tie-in to the speed of light. Energy, courtesy of Planck, is frequency, but if we measure it as it is emitted from an individual atom – it comes in packets. Quanta. And these quanta are another aspect of the mathematical expression of matter. This goes so deep as to leave us giddy. Matter, the universe, is a frequency — in a sense a message. A punctuated message. It is almost as though it was produced by someone speaking. Nothing new here, to anyone with any biblical background. Some ancient Greeks suspected it, without a Bible. The logos, word/communication.

Species are information, interacting with matter – with the added mystery of being alive. Quantum physics suddenly opens a door to an hitherto mysterious world. Evolution will fall within the ambit of quantum theory. There was a stage in evolution when there were no broody hens. Broody hens eventuated. How did they know about rotating eggs? How does your dog know what to do when it comes time for having pups? Why would human and some other reproduction be tied in some way to a machine – the solar system?


Scientific advance ends scientific controversy. Take as examples the outcomes of the invention of the telescope and microscope. The telescope. Yes, Earth goes around the sun. The speed of light is a universal constant. No, the universe is not eternal, and, Yes, the universe is expanding. The microscope. No, lice do not transmute from dust. Nor maggots from beef. Yes, fine blood vessels – capillaries – enable blood to circulate. Neurons power the brain, etc. More recently, there have been improvements on both. Radio telescopes, laser measurement, space exploration. Electron microscopes, magnetic resonance imaging, gene analyses ………. .

Dolly and her surrogate mother
Dolly and her surrogate mother


Dolly was cloned from a cell taken from the mammary gland of a six-year-old Finn Dorset sheep and an egg cell taken from a Scottish Blackface sheep. She was born to her Scottish Blackface surrogate mother on 5th July 1996. Dolly’s white face was one of the first signs that she was a clone because if she was genetically related to her surrogate mother, she would have had a black face. Dolly was important because she was the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell. Her birth proved that specialised cells could be used to create an exact copy of the animal they came from. This knowledge changed what scientists thought was possible and opened up a lot of possibilities in biology and medicine ………….. . However, Dolly was not the first ever cloned mammal. That honour belongs to another sheep which was cloned from an embryo cell and born in 1984 in Cambridge, UK. Two other sheep, Megan and Morag, had also been cloned from embryonic cells grown in the lab …. in 1995 and six other sheep, cloned from embryonic and foetal cells, were born at ….. the same time as Dolly. What made Dolly so special was that she had been made from an adult cell, which no-one at the time thought was possible.

Dolly was engineered from a fragment of another sheep. What if Edinburgh University had been able, to say, engineer a fragment of a goat, with the added measures of shutting down all autoimmune system rejections so a sheep became a surrogate mother, not of a Dolly, but of a Gertrude? Gertrude Goat? And what if futuristic, advanced bio-technicians achieved such an outcome without physically touching the sheep – i.e., remotely? By transmitting the necessary information to the relevant cells etc.? One species changing to another by remote control? Even, perhaps, by automatic remote control? Pre-arranged. Perhaps, bringing with it environmental information stored as memory, so the transformed species stepped out with some at least of the features it would require for survival? (Shades of Lamarck — acquired characteristics.) This can now be seen in broad terms to be theoretically possible. Science has come a long way in the past couple of decades. Theoretically it is possible — to re-programme DNA, sex cells, and immune systems – at a distance. No hands-on manipulation. Theoretically. If an action is possible in theory, and evidence proves it has happened before, then it happened. It is an aspect of the biosphere – at least, of the past biosphere. Has something along these lines been done before, and recorded? Affirmative. “And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” Genesis ch. 2.

Species, including our own physical bodies, are nothing more and nothing less than information acting on chemicals – the dust of the ground – vivified. Alive.

Adam never lost a rib. Do we have all our ribs? Could the chemicals of which a rib is composed be made (correct translation, engineered) engineered to become woman? No. Not the chemicals – but, yes, the information in the DNA etc.. in the cells of the rib. Ribs only exist as an outcome of applied DNA code. As do entire organisms. Living organisms are information, acting on chemicals, married to life. We are physically the outcome of a form of computation. Could a computer programme “engineer woman”? And modify DNA? A quantum category computer programme, database 4, not 2. Not yet invented by Man, but certainly staring us in the face. DNA, RNA, etc.. Almost infinitely more advanced and powerful than our desktops. In a quarter of a century, we have not got even the most elementary quantum computer up and running. All the more reason to keep trying!

Dolly the clone did not begin as a conventional embryo. She began as part of a mature cell. Theoretically, the cell could be from a rib. Dolly, in a broad sense, could be said to have been taken from another sheep’s rib. If such a process, remotely operated, is possible, then it is possible that Gertrude Goat could be engineered utilizing the rib – that is, the DNA etc., of another species. Speciation!!

Here we mount the hitherto insurmountable obstacle which always stymies Common Descent. An individual or a group of individuals of a species becomes isolated. Over time this isolated race alters so much, it is a new species. Insurmountable Obstacle: Somehow (no pathway in physics ever being provided) somehow an individual acquires re-programmed DNA etc., making it an individual of another species. Assuming the species are sexual, not asexual, we require another individual of the opposite sex to meet up with the first transformee. This second transformee, of the opposite sex to the first, must have accidentally developed the exact same DNA, RNA, immune system, sex cells, etc, etc, as the first transformee. They thus become, in a sense, Adam and Eve. Species must have a parent. We didn’t get here by jargon.

Adam didn’t lose a rib. We are dealing with a totally way up front, scientific figure of speech. Assume, as a simplistic approach, Adam with all his ribs, equals the newly re-programmed DNA carrier. A new species. In his case, he did not get here by being conceived and physically born along conventional lines. No new species was ever actuated by being conceived along totally conventional lines. Somewhere in the speciation process DNA etc. were/was re-programmed – in the sense of modified with the modification locked onto the DNA molecule. We have Adam – the total, newly modified DNA etc.. The newly revealed species. If this species is to evidence on Earth, it must be able to reproduce. There must become an Eve, the essential carrier of life, “mother of all living”. “Builded”. Engineered. Not with a scalpel.

All this clearly points to the mechanisms of some if not most of the speciation on display in the geologic column. Species actuate abruptly, full genetics, no gradation, no evidence of partial existence. But there is abundant evidence of physical similarity to other species, including in some instances preceding species. Species were conduits of life, members of a living continuum – available for remote cloning type procedures. Available to be transformed.

Theoretically, Dolly could be Gertrude. A transformed species. No longer a sheep. If we could build the necessary quantum computers. ……… .

Practically, something like this did happen. There were perhaps millions of speciation events. These events resulted in the visible actuation of already existing species, through impartation of the requisite information. Because the information had been destined from the outset to automatically take effect as a distinct living organism, species could be created before they became tangible.

Speciation was in general terms a remote tripping of the species lock, (involving sex cells and immune systems?) accompanied by remote re-programming. An instantaneous revisitation, perhaps, of the old, original(?) asexual reproduction? With extras? Asexually incubate and rear a transformation of oneself? If we could do it, we need never age. The mechanism involved is specifically named. The tree of life. An analogue speaking technical volumes – real science. Sadly, we are barred from it. Nevertheless, we should be able to benefit by learning of the mechanisms involved.

Regarding memory retention of environmental conditions – Lamarck thought on those lines – again, theoretically possible? Epigenetics being the relevant buzz word. The attached memories must have become fixed attributes of the DNA at the moment of speciation. Far in advance of rocket science. We are, “fearfully and wonderfully made”.

PROOF? After the manner of Sherlock Holmes, we eliminate the impossible. That which remains, be it ever so extraordinary, is the answer. We now have two items unavailable to Darwin: an accurate fossil record, and the unassailable fact that animal species and even Man’s physical body are nothing more and nothing less than information, acting on chemicals, vivified – living. Information! Information which, with the proper equipment, undeniably could have been written into the biosphere. Nothing else ‘computes’. If something ‘computes’ – it computes. “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe” (Galileo). Evolution can be described mathematically. As can species – barring their vivification. In Man’s case, he obviously has a hidden element over and above the animals. Cows do not hold religious meetings, nor ponder the purpose of life. Nevertheless, our bodies are information based – we are, physically – mathematics.

The (totally relevant) geologic record of life is set out in the accompanying diagrams.

Earth History According to Radiometric Dating


  1. Some single celled organisms (bacteria, fungus, etc.) can survive in Space. The earliest life on Earth needed to survive in Space, because early Earth was, seriously, Space. It began as a speck, and was impacted from many sources. It was ‘gathered together’ (Genesis). The first living organisms were Space compatible. The earth was ‘let’ bring forth plants (simple life) Day 3, but there is earth in comets, meteors, etc. – earth in many Space bodies.
  2. Virus’s are not life and although they may have existed from the beginning, there is no incontestable proof of their existence prior to Man.
  3. Fossils beneath the base of the Cambrian System – i.e., fossils of the Pre-Cambrian – fossils of the Pre-Cambrian do show an upwards progression from something like seaweeds to highly organized seaweeds. Protists, to be more accurate. Immediately beneath the base of the Cambrian there are fossils of organized colonies of single cells, pseudo-animals, almost resembling jellyfish and slugs. Despite the protestations of those with a zealous interest in Common Descent/Darwinism, there was no true animal, no hard parts, no clear bilateral symmetry – no proof of anything above plant category. Complex life has never been discerned in the Pre-Cambrian.
  4. The Cambrian System is revolutionary. It was ushered in by a major mechanical event which profoundly changed the world. The near certainty of this being moon introduction is investigated here The Cambrian explosion is a total outbreak of complex life in abundance – and it happened in association with a solar system event. The time it took for complex life to teem in the waters is currently unknown. Given the lack of reliable dates within the Cambrian itself, it could have been, literally, ten years. Eyes and even complex brains are preserved in the Cambrian. Every phylum is present. Nothing new bar sun-resistant skin, air breathing lungs, etc. – the paraphernalia of land animals – needed to materialize to give us the modern biosphere.
  5. Long after the Cambrian, the plants underwent their own explosion. Flowering and fruiting plants burst on the scene so abruptly that it may in some locations be impossible to fit a razor blade in a rock column between no flowering plants and abundant flowering plants. (Detected by fossilized spores, pollen, and seeds.)
  6. Most plants and animals which are seriously necessary to Man’s wellbeing materialized not long before him.
  7. Since salts are constantly leaching into the oceans, the world’s oceans theoretically should be too saline to support life. By a series of salt-sequestrations in strata, involving in some cases evaporation of entire seas such as the Mediterranean, the oceans were kept sweet. A similar story applies to the atmosphere and atmospheric gases.
Earth History Table
Earth History Table (image credit SERC)


The Bible teaches that God made the world in six days. Days. What was their nature and length? Job 10:5: “Are thy days as the days of man? are thy years as man’s days, ….. ?”

Whose days are the 7 days of creation? Adam’s, or God’s?

Since they are God’s, and “the darkness and the light are both alike to him”, Psalm 139:12 – there was no night. No need for overhead lighting? No down time for rain?

Since time was set going with the creation of the universe, and time shall end at the dissolving of the universe — how many hours were the days? Did the Creator check his watch, to see if it was time to start work?

What was accomplished on some of those days?

Day 3. “And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.”

Do you notice something he did not say? He did not say, “This bringing forth is restricted to Day 3 only.” What did he say? “Let”. To grant a tenancy, or lease. The tenancy being non-time limited.

Genesis Chapter 2, in association with Man and Eden, referring therefore to Day 6: “And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.”

Plants made on Day 3, appearing Day 6? Please explain?

Chapter 2. “These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens, And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: …… .”

An aspect of Creation involved a (created) mechanism by which all plant grade life was made Day 3, alive and living in a sense, subsequently becoming tangible. On Day 6, especially.

Day 5. “And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven. And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind …….. .”

Every living creature that moveth, with the exception of Man in the sense of his being a spiritual being, equals, complex, living, breathing, life. Everything above plant category. Including all land creatures. Created ex nihilo in the sense of no precedent or pre-existing pattern. Day 5.

Day 6. “And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind …… .” Every one of which was created (implying a momentous action, out of nothing in terms of no pre-existing pattern) created Day 5. Without exception. All land animals existed in some real sense, Day 5. They became tangible, Day 6.

“Let”. “Let the waters [or the earth] bring forth abundantly …… .” An open ended lease or tenancy. Of revelation — of revelation of created species which already existing were merely ‘formed of earth’, under an entirely low-key verbal expression, subsequent to their creation. This is the Word of God.

Chapter 2. “And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them ….. .” Remember, Chapter 2 is a commentary on Chapter 1. Chapter 1 is in strict time sequence, Chapter 2 comments on events which occurred at varying times during that time sequence.

Created, existing, alive in a real sense – Day 5. Revealed in their final form, Day 6. Please explain?

Referring now to Day 4. “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: ….. .”

Signs, the first, paramount purpose of the heavenly bodies and solar system. Signs store and transmit information. Information, presumably quantum category, so advanced it made Max Planck giddy, thinking of it. Einstein sat up, attempted to throw off giddiness, and wondered. “God does not play at dice?” You are playing at more than dice if you can create animal instinct! Light waves can be synchronized – laser. Laser in conjunction with magnetism can alter chemistry. Light, radio, magnetic field particle accelerators, hints of magnetic resonance imaging. …. Waters, divided from waters, pointing to quantum entanglement, a superlative information storage and transmission mechanism …… . Novel states of matter, brought on by extremes of temperature, pressure, or magnetic environment. ……. Matter, whether solid (earth) or fluid (waters) has potential for novel subatomic states – through atomic re-arrangement. Novel states of matter can display novel, quantum category effects, such as superconductivity. Signs, storing and transmitting information. The solar system displays synchronization. Synchronization, in some cases, even with living organisms. …….. Species transformation, by definition, involved super sophisticated information applied to reproductive and immune system components. At specific times. Your DNA, a quantum category information device, database 4 , theoretically could once have communicated (in a sense) with the heavens – the solar system in particular. Even, perhaps, the Earth?
“My substance was not hid from thee; when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.” Psalm 139:15,16. The Bible, the first book of quantum computation, the first book of evolution, the first book of genetic engineering ………. . “Heaven and Earth shall pass away. My word shall not pass away.”

Front Cover of New Scientist - Quantum Nation April 2000

Species are information, married with life. Information is timeless. It can be stored and automatically transmitted. Once living cells have been placed in/on the Earth it is theoretically possible if we introduce the latest quantum biotechnology and quantum physics to ‘let’ an entire kingdom of instantaneously created organisms appear or become tangible over time – and have them adapted in some measure to environment to boot. Environment being something pre-programmed into the solar system. This can all happen without the Creator necessarily doing more work after their creation.

Evolution? Try Lamarck (a deist, but wrong in his alchemy-like supposed mechanism); Buffon (a deist, no attempted mechanism); Cuvier (father of palaeontology, suggested a series of divine interventions); Sir Richard Owen, takes the prize. World leading palaeontologist, like the others, pre-dates Darwinism. Owen could not name the mechanism but exhaustively analysed the vertebrates, showing them to be variants on a basic information template or ‘archetype’. He insisted that evolution was the outcome of a divinely emplaced process or procedure with Man obviously in mind.

Darwin & co.? If Darwin’s book, On the Origin of Speciesetc., is factual, its title is not. “Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear olive berries? either a vine, figs?” James 3:12. “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” Matt. 7:12. Species around us are locked. They are species – special. That is why Darwin could write about species! The true believers insist species are not locked. Therefore, no species exist – Man included. The true believers insist – unlike Sir Richard Owen – the believers insist evolution was the outcome of a process or procedure with Man obviously not in mind. Darwinistic evolution has a mind of its own. Powered by? Powered by? According to Darwin – Time. A basic process in Nature, powered by time? A chemical reaction with time as one of the chemicals involved? According to T.H. Huxley, Darwin’s bulldog, powered by Nature making leaps. Written in latin, it becomes the goods. Natura ….. facit saltum. According to Alfred Wallace, Darwin’s implicit co-author, powered by spooks. Wallace was a convinced spiritist. So, time is a spook. It sounds better, written in latin. Timum facit spookum. How about, saltum and pepper’em. Jump to it and pass the pepper. The good news? Mrs Darwin, a steady churchgoer, reading between the lines, tried to get hubby out of spookland. We hope she succeeded. Faith mixed with love tends to be crowned by success – even if success is not immediately apparent. Meanwhile, jump to it and pass my pullover, would you. Skip the pepper. I am a product of natural selection, so, my monkey fur must have somehow fallen off.

How were the species revealed? Sophisticated technology. Sophisticated, plus. Remember, we haven’t a clue about nuclear fusion. Ninety-nine percent by mass of the solar system is in a state of nuclear fusion. Fusion. Not fission. A beautiful process. An almost creative process. A quantum process – expect surprises! But how did one species transform to another, if they are locked? Species only reproduce after their own kind? Correct. So species did not give birth to other species? Correct. Species merely passed on life. They did not pass on genetics in the sense we pass on our genetics to our children. How? Man comes close to it, but can’t quite pull it off. And never shall. Think cloning-type procedure. Think temporary reversion to something akin to the old asexual reproduction. Think combination locks. Information trips the lock. Re-programming, at the geologic instant of species transformation. It happened. Millions of times. It is theoretically possible, but not practically achievable – we are barred from the mechanism. Barred from the Tree of Life. But the fact that sexually reproducing species can theoretically be tripped to reproduce asexually – cloning-type procedure – suggests the parents of newly revealed species began as re-programmed cells perhaps in the womb or the reproductive organ(?) of another species. With immune systems re-programmed, so the host species read the new revelation as its own kith and kin. Lamarck may have been closer than Darwin by a long way – although neither had a sensible mechanism. Owen was technically exact in his meticulous demonstration of the transformer concept — almost two centuries past – even without the knowledge of DNA. Gregor Mendel, although not researching evolution, confirmed Owen. We are dealing with mathematics/hard figures – not time, spookery, not even spooks, passing the salt and pepper. The most sophisticated of science is found in the parts of scripture closest to creation itself.

Do natural hybrids point to the process of physical manifestation of the pre-existing species? The first parent or parents in newly transformed species technically were a product of information technology. They were not the offspring of true parents, but of surrogates, in which transforming information had taken effect. Species are carriers of life and of information devices – and the devices – DNA, etc. – are re-programmable. Species are ‘locked’. This is self evident. The biosphere is not populated by a never-ending mongrel. Special proteins in sex cells presumably act as guards, militating against runaway hybridization. Nevertheless, short-lived natural hybridization between near-identical species is an aspect of the biosphere. For example, crosses between grizzly and polar bears have been observed in the wild. Herein lies a pointer to speciation procedure. Assume the transformer is extremely similar to the transformee – as, for example, a horse can be all but identical to a donkey. Horses and donkeys are not thought to be in strict evolutionary sequence but here serve as an illustration. Assume cells forming an embryo in the transformer – say, a horse – have been re-programmed so the embryo is the transformee – say, a donkey. Given that female horses can incubate and rear mules, fathered by a donkey, it is reasonable to suppose that a horse might have a chance at being the full surrogate mother of a donkey, since it can surrogate a mule, which is half donkey. If the extreme physical similarity of organisms in evolutionary sequence is true evidence of surrogacy ability, then we have one necessary component of the speciation event. The species lock does permit a temporary hybrid, so it may well permit the incubation and rearing of an organism very similar to the transformer – the transformee. Unlike hybrids, however, the transformee, being a species in its own right, is a potential parent of a species. It remains to deduce, in sexually reproducing organisms, the mechanism by which the necessary transforming information re-programmed the requisite number and type of cells to produce both male and female progeny – the first of the new revelation. It is noteworthy that some vertebrates do switch to asexual and related non-sexual methods of reproduction.

Discerning the workings of that now unavailable mechanism could yield health spin-offs? Many sicknesses are information malfunctions. The Tree of Life (a verbal/semi-pictorial analogue) is ‘for the healing of the nations’, Revelation 22:2. Science is a divine provision.

A century and a half before Watson and Crick discerned the structure of DNA, Sir Richard Owen discerned what DNA would tell us! – animals will have a similar underlying information code; species will be variants on the basic code.

Head bones of a range of vertebrates numbered to show relationship to archetype

Picture of Tree of Life & the Origin of the Species book

Tree of Life and the Origin of the Species – book now available covering these topics in detail, including climate. Darwin saw a tree in the rocks. Modern quantum physics and biochemistry shows the record in the rocks was produced by a mechanism that is an analogue of the way trees function.

The provider of this publication, Philip Bruce Heywood, B.Sc., is an Australian geologist and farmer/grazier with little interest in the topic other than to induce some people to understand God’s geologic record on one hand, and the holy Bible on the other. It has been given to him to incidentally solve the Climate question.