Can you believe this?

Plants release spores, pollen and seeds into the atmosphere. Should these airborne travellers be incorporated into sediment where there is insufficient oxygen to decompose them, they have the potential to become fossils. The studies of these remains is known as palynology. It is a very useful tool in reconstructing the earth’s history.

The Cretaceous System of rock strata was laid down between approximately 146 and 66 million years ago. Contained within this strata is the record of a remarkable event, the advent of the flowering plants. To say that the flowering plants “exploded” is something of an understatement. I once heard it said, by an expert palynologist, that he could not fit a razor blade in the rock column between the point where there were few, if any, flowering plants, and a startling profusion of the pollen and seeds of these plants. No doubt since then, various hypotheses may have been put forward. The explanations I heard were not realistic. For example, one theory was that these flowering plants had been holding out in the high mountains for some time and their seeds and pollen suddenly arrived in the strata at an instant in geologic history, long after they had come into existence. Given the ease with which pollen is transported in the air, it isn’t difficult to deduce that this theory has been given no more credence than any of the others.

There are as many theories of evolution as there are people who can dream.

Since any postulation of measurable, mathematical processes being involved hints at there being a superior Intelligence — then, guess what? Keep up the dreamtime, or admit there may be Someone bigger than Man out there.

The pre-existence of flowering plants from way back in time and their mysterious failure to shed pollen and seeds into the air, is just one example of multitudinous meanderings of the mind.

Here is another. Question, why did the fish become amphibians and go up on land? I have here an expensive book by a world class expert who effectively says (but not in as many words) that the ancient fish saw the vegetation up on land, and decided to go after it. So the flowering plants evolved whilst concealing themselves and amphibians were the product of a fish conference. We wonder if they held this conference in schools?

While we are at sea…

‘Landlubber’ Fish Leap for Love When Tide Is Right: Research Sheds Light On How Animal Life First Evolved to Colonize Land ScienceDaily (Aug. 31, 2011)

Picture of a leaping blenny

“The odd lifestyle of the Pacific leaping blenny (Alticus arnoldorum) has been detailed for the first time in research findings that throw new light on how animal life first evolved to colonise the land.

The Pacific leaping blenny is a marine fish yet is terrestrial in all aspects of its daily adult life, eking out a precarious existence in the intertidal zone of rocky shores in Micronesia, according to the study published in the journal Ethology, led by Dr Terry Ord, of the UNSW Evolution and Ecology Research Centre.”

This fish it seems, is not leaping to get to the greenery out there on land, but is leaping for love! Romance! It began leaping for love when it was out in the sea, it kept leaping for love until it got to live in the intertidal zone and it will go on leaping until it gets all the way! So here we have the first comprehensive explanation of why amphibians, such as frogs, jump. They do it for love! How romantic can you get?

If you think this is at all far fetched – don’t. It is less far fetched than leaping for joy over falling in love with a chimpanzee. If we think for a moment – the mechanism by which man descended from monkeys, according to these theorists, involves, precisely, falling in love with a chimpanzee. Question, would it be preferable to kiss a frog or a chimpanzee and what are the evolutionary implications?

More Dreamworld, Inc. — Evolution, the Cool Dude Operator

Following below this paragraph is an extract from ScienceDaily. The purpose of this mush is to give an idea of the level of expertise of this mysterious intelligent design capacity they seem to wish to name Evolution. The mathematics of chaos theory are not simple. Alternatively, depending on how one reads it, one could surmise that the intelligent design capacity is Embryo? Perhaps the religion they call Atheism is popular because you get to name your own Gods?

A team led by Princeton Professor of Molecular Biology,,,,,,,, reported recently in the journal PLoS Computational Biology that contrary to the idea that embryonic cells develop in natural synchrony, they are prone to descend into disarray. Without stabilization, cells develop on different schedules, and many stop developing altogether, which threatens the embryo’s survival.

This lurking state of disorder was revealed through computational models the researchers constructed of the embryo cell cycle. The cell cycle is the repeated division and duplication of cells that transforms a single fertilized egg into a full-grown organism. Scientists already knew that embryonic cell cycles are initiated by a swift wave of calcium that emanates from the fertilization site and prompts the embryo’s cells to divide and duplicate — or oscillate, in biological terms.

A natural assumption among scientists had been that once initiated, the impulse to oscillate would ripple across the embryo — which begins as one big cell that then divides repeatedly — and set the stage for multiple rounds of cell division to occur in sync. W….. and his colleagues found, however, that the natural spread of oscillation is unstable and would result in an erratic patchwork of missed and incomplete cell divisions. They predicted that cell activity instead has to be triggered throughout the embryo at almost exactly the same time.

The researchers’ simulation produced the first indication that the fast-moving calcium wave known to spark cell division doubles as a synchronizer that sets cells to the same developmental timetable. The finding revealed a crucial role for the somewhat puzzling existence of the calcium wave, as well as a new level of sophistication in how embryos function.

“We didn’t have to go searching for chaos, it just came right out at us,” W….. said. “When the dust settled, it became clear that cell-cycle oscillation, while remarkably uniform in the end, does not come by that harmony on its own, especially not in anything as big as an embryo, which is much larger than a typical cell. But then the question became, if there’s this potential for chaos, how does the system avoid it? It turns out that the system needs the calcium wave to avoid chaos and that wave is activated surprisingly fast.”

The embryo’s need for stabilization and the dual role of the calcium wave illuminates the intricacy of developing embryos, as well as the impressive ability of embryos to prevent their own destruction, said J……, a Stanford University professor of chemical and systems biology. The Princeton researchers based their work on formulas that J….. developed from experiments on African clawed frog embryos that describe how embryos divide and replicate in timed cycles during early development.

“One of this group’s conclusions is that chaos lurks not far from where the system normally functions, like a monster in the corner, and that it matters to have synchronicity established quickly to prevent it. That’s not something we had initially thought about,” said J….., who had no involvement in the Princeton-led research, but is interested in testing the results experimentally.

They present a nice story of how evolution has come up with a way to do things as fast as is needed to avoid chaos, but not too much faster.
So how was life unrolled (evolved)?

Information Technology couldn’t possibly be involved, could it?
No I.T. allowed? — DNA is currently being used, to build I.T. devices.
One of the ‘discoverers’ of DNA, Crick, abandoned common descent evolutionism and went over to panspermia. That was more than fifty years ago. It has been common knowledge that species are an outcome of I.T. for more than half a century.

Sir Richard Owen foreshadowed I.T. in species revelation before Darwin published common descent evolutionism. A possible title for Owen’s theory of evolution is Signalled Evolution.
Evolution involving I.T. is the biblical account found in Genesis which has been with us for 4,000 odd years.