Wake-Up Call

This page comprises Bible Science flowcharts followed by a paper titled ‘A Wakeup Call to 21st Century Science’

These verses imply that non-living substances were given an important role in the revelation of life.

WATER and EARTH have a wide scope of meaning, such as:

WATER: Void of strength, rigidity, or visible order. Any fluid or substance behaving as a fluid, including gases and fragmented solids. The frozen remnants of the same – e.g. comets. Water, proper. Having a clear similarity to water (thus, a behavioural trait can be classed as “water”).

Thus, “water” could be a description of a particular behaviour of, for instance, sub-atomic particles. It could describe a particular level of sub-atomic (quantum) activity. This particular type of activity may for instance have been essential to the hidden information processes which were utilized at the creation of complex life. Other meanings of “water” certainly also were relevant at that time – the Cambrian debut of complex life. Water as a factor in this sudden flowering of life is contrasted against another multi-functional term, applied to lesser biologic events – earth.

Matthews (2006)1 notes that “… the findings of the latest bona fide research are … bizarre … the effects of water … transcend … they are … linked to the most basic processes in the cosmos … you owe your existnce to quantum effects in water … the simple little molecule we call H2O … [is] … the … ‘ingredient that turns lifeless powders on laboratory shelves into living things.'” Note: the final phrase is a quote by Matthews from scientist F. Franks and does not necessarily fully align with Matthews’ views and obviously does not align with Science. It is an exaggeration included for its emphasis on the near life-generating power of water. “Let the waters bring forth the moving creature …”. Water can be an intelligence- transmitting substance and as such is fundamental to DNA.

EARTH: Of a lower level of excitement that water. Conveying the idea of stability. Soil, especially clay. Earth, the planet.

Thus, “earth” could be a description of subatomic quantum events operating at a lesser level of excitement and complexity that those described as “water”. Yet if we take a more pedestrian interpretation, such as earth “equals” clay – the molecular structures of clays do have some similarities to DNA. Could a link between clay structure and the origins of life be a reasonable conjecture? Neither need Earth as a signal-generating planet be dismissed. If indeed the Cambrian flowering was associated with moon capture and heightened activity of comet-like bodies in our solar system, then we see yet another application of “water” and “earth”. Something approaching frenzy (waters) could have been a feature of the electromagnetic environment in those times. A less disturbed solar system in other eras would by comparison be “earth”.

Again, “water” and “earth” implicate nebulous, or water-like materials, now solidified, to form objects such as comets. An agglomeration of gases, fluids and stony particles, seen from Earth to be amongst the stars, fits the biblical “waters above the firmament [sky]” (Genesis 1:7). Partial or entire freezing in deep space introduces to such objects an aspect of earth (solidity) as well as water. It may seem surprising to discover that samples of comet material returned to Earth contain a high proportion of organic materials. Scientists are now hypothesising a link between the organic matter of comets and life on Earth.

1Matthews, R. 2006, ‘The Quantum Elixer’, New Scientist, 8th April, pp. 32-37.


The dog-fight between Darwinism and “Creation Science” has generated so much noise and dust, the simple truth is having to shout loudly to be heard. Ok: it’s all over. Let them fight on awhile; it’s self-perpetuating industry.

Speaking of dogs: Darwin seems to have believed that because a chihuahua and a wolf-hound came from the same ancestor, a dog can therefore give birth to a cat. To be fair, he did throw in a few intermediaries in the process. And of course he accepted (but misread) the findings of geology – which 24hr-day Creationism rejects and therefore runs foul of. His blood relative also misread the origin of the moon. So between the one who thought a dog could give birth to a cat, and the one who thought the moon came from the earth, they two of them achieved dubious long-term results – rest their souls. Well, Darwin started out as a theologian, and so did the “Creation Scientists”, and may they all find peace.

It’s all over. Technology has begun to catch up to Genesis. And now, to be a respectable heathen, a man will just have to invent something with a biblical flavour again. They did rather well in the Middle Ages with their relics and Mother of God, along with the extortion and debauchery that went with it; someone will come up with something.

It’s all over: sad, really. It was a really good debate. We need something to keep our wits sharp: we all need a raison d’être, a cause of which we feel we are an indispensable, if small, part. Someone will have to invent something.

Technology has begun to catch up to the first nine chapters of the Bible. The Bible is remaining well ahead of the technology! The origin of the species – all but in the bag. Viruses – a coherent explanation. Ancient human history – close to solved. The moon – solved. As for the origin of the universe – the only thing Stephen Hawkings left out was the chapter and verse headings from Genesis.

It’s so simple, you won’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s so mind-blowing, you will need a new set of mental fuses. It’s so awesome, every honest man will be inclined to get on his knees.

Sure enough, it’s signalling and intelligence transmission, as indicated by Richard Dawkins’ computerized DNA.

Sure enough, life was passed species-to-species, as indicated by fossils.

Sure enough, genetically complete new species parents actuated through information-based cloning-type procedures, as indicated by modern biotechnology. Since the new species was similar in form and body-shape to the older, probably all that was required was immune-system re-programming of newly-pregnant females, coupled with DNA re-programming of the new embryo cell(s) within them – perhaps accompanied by other minor re-programming such as mother’s milk adjustment in mammals. Remember, we are dealing with very similar species. The parent was told it was the new species, the reproductive system and new embryo(s) or fertilized eggs were re-programmed as the new species: and so adults of old species effectively but not visibly became new species and gendered offspring that were in appearance as well as fact new species.

Conceptually, a herd of Mesohippus or something even closer were told they were Protohippus, and through DNA re-programming of embryos and any other necessary transmutations and adjustments they gendered and reared Protohippus.

Sure enough, the Bible foreshadows every one of these procedures. You would swear Genesis was written by a geologist in collusion with a genetic engineer and an information technologist. The match with the fossil record is perfect. No; it’s awesome. It’s awesome! It even places the plant division with the early earth, and the flowering plants with the animals, not long before man! Yet it insists the flowering plants existed, and in a real sense were alive, back in the times of the early earth. Anyone who can think in this era of modern technology know what that means.

If you wish to visualize the process of which the Bible and modern technology are speaking, look at a living tree. Those leaves existed and were in a sense alive as soon as the tree was alive. Forget Darwinism and look at the tree – and keep looking until you see it!

Yes, that tree in the rocks is the shadow of a real tree – the one spoken of in the Bible as the generator of all physical life. That tree subordinated a real biologic information storage/ transmission process. The tree was made by the Creator: it is still a part of Heaven. Its roots are hidden, meaning the source and empowering of life is the Creator. The tree itself was real to Adam, meaning that the biologic signalling processes involved will be understandable and perhaps replicable in some measure. It utilized a real, physical, intelligence store and transmitter! We are currently barred from it, meaning the information transmission has been scrambled sufficiently to stop us re-programming DNA with perfect information and therefore stopping us from actuating new species or attaining perpetual youth. Its processes conceivably might be able to be revisited or simulated for medical and other purposes.

Either that, or some very smart cookie, 3,500 years ago, concocted a very elaborate, impossible hoax. Get an Authorized Version of the Bible or get a copy of The Tree of Life and the Origin of the Species and check it. This is not going to go away. Darwinism is finished. The fairy tale session is over. It’s time for biology to grow up. Those were the words of The King all the time – and his people automatically recognized his words, whether they understood them or not. The King is being spoken of. We should act accordingly.

The Creator did not get anything wrong. He did not even get anything slightly ambiguous. The frontiers of medicine and other sciences may be about to make a leap into the wild blue yonder. And that, believe it or not, is one minor reason why the Bible was given.

You may need a few days or a few weeks to reconnect all the brain neurons before proceeding.

All boffins, searchers into deep perplexities, calculator drivers, and bringers to light of the hitherto unseen: This is possibly sciences’ chance to make amends for 150years of dogs giving birth to cats. These historic, unprecedented developments are coming to you courtesy of a B.Sc. recluse, who had to ask to find out the nature of DNA and who doesn’t know one end of a sliderule from the other. He knows the Almighty never made an error yet and he knows dogs don’t give birth to cats. He was given a job and because the One Who Doesn’t Make Mistakes gave him the job, the job got done – no credit to the B.Sc. recluse. So he finds himself announcing to the world the origin of the species, the moon, and whatnot; and he couldn’t care much less about such things. In short – he can’t do research. “Creation Science” appears to have eliminated itself from the picture; and on the other hand we shouldn’t forget all the “anti’s” and antagonists out there who are mad or do homage to the fertility goddess or both and who would happily emasculate both technology and society if they could. Science needs to clear a new ideological space for itself. It needs to be able to justify its actions. The Bible was its inspiration and can be used as its justification. Keep that fact in mind.

See if this computes.

There has been something going on out there that we have known about since Adam, which we have never been able to put our finger on. It stares us in the face and it is a complete mystery. Here is an example of it. Why do the corals, and almost everything else besides, spawn in sequence, in near sequence, or at least in some sort of relationship to the calendar, especially the lunar calendar? We could add some more. Why do the locusts swarm? What tells the animals when to hibernate? Why do body rhythms of people living at close quarters sometimes synchronize? How does dowsing for water and lost metallic objects survive scientific test? And much more besides. Let us here and now make an hypothesis. There is a communications capability written into nature that our instruments have failed to clearly detect. It will presumably be best detected at the atomic level in living cells. To read it, we need to become an atom! From its results, it appears to be a broad, general communications band perhaps analogous to radio waves, with the potential for specific information to be written into it – as with radio. It can be species- specific, perhaps even individual- specific? Faint cross- resonancing across the communications stream receiver- to- receiver accounts for otherwise inexplicable synchronization of natural cycles of organisms and perhaps could be used to explain dowsing(?) It is always in operation and always available in nature – if you know how to get onto it. Borrowing from computers: specific intelligence transmissions when processed by a receiver could perhaps read something like a bar code?

So far we are one step beyond witchcraft. If this communications capability does exist, it probably resulted in a few women being burned as witches. If so, someone should burn all those birds that turn simultaneously when flying.

There are two things that are almost a complete mystery – the molecule-sized message transmission devices of living cells, and planetary magnetism.

Compute and store that, drivers of the calculator and the information engine, and let’s proceed.

Why do reproductive systems synchronize or near-synchronize with the moon?

It may be helpful to repeat that question several times.

Darwin provides little assistance. There is scant help from there. Corals may spawn with the tides, but why humans?

Rephrasing the question. Why a timing relationship between reproductive systems and a ‘machine’ – the solar system?

The moon was introduced. The case is all but watertight – and has been since Apollo – if not before. Assume it was transported with the assistance of other bodies – of ices. The taxi possibly collected it on the current far side? That’s where the grandfather of the impact structures lies. Does it look as though it could have been hit, and counter-hit to correct its orbit? If there was a disc of ice-rich bodies around Earth when it arrived, could the result of throwing the bull into the crystal shop have been a rapidly controlled, freshly impacted moon, and carbon dioxide for our fossil fuels? (This assumes some of the ice was dry ice.) The histories of Mercury and Venus strongly suggest the former as a possible source of the moon and the latter as its storage site – until the final relocation, 550-odd mill.yrs past, whereupon complex life exploded. The earth’s continental crustal materials were also contributed by Mercury, which accounts for the chemical similarity, Earth-Moon.

A group of senior school students with a Bible, some textbooks, and enough humility to consult with those who have gone before, could have solved it during lunch hour.

Them that honour me I will honour. And them that despise me shall be lightly esteemed. Those courageous Apollo astronauts who broadcast Genesis during flight brought back two proofs of the moon’s origin – one in a book, the other in rocks. If the question of moon origin had been left with them, they might have explained a thing or two. Lesson No. 1: Blind chance and infinite time do not get objects into orbit… .

Newton, Faraday, Joule, Thomson & co.- not to mention the biblically minded geologists of yesteryear who postulated moon capture at the end of the Pre-Cambrian – are rolling in the aisles, laughing.

The moon was introduced, and immediately, advanced or animal – grade life exploded. It may help to repeat this, also.

Animal life not only exploded into existence: it exploded in terms both of variety and abundance. When we say exploded, we mean exploded. Ten minutes is possible. Going on the fossil record, ten million years is certainly being generous.

Newton, Thomson & co. are cheering and rolling on the floor.

Satisfactorily stored and computed?

According to existing knowledge, Earth and Mercury both have intrinsic magnetic fields: Mars and Venus do not. Earth and Mercury both experience stronger internal tidal flexing than the others.

Palaeomagnetism can be taken as suggesting the possibility of a less-focused magnetic field during the late Pre-Cambrian – before moon introduction. This is not conclusive.

Mix all this with some neurons – if there are any left – and what do you compute?

It is possible that our planet’s magnetism, perhaps interacting with other factors such as the sun’s radiation, is in some way necessary to life. The fillip provided by moon introduction was necessary to the step from simple to complex forms. If so, this explains the tie between reproductive cycles and the moon. Complex life is designed for the moon and the moon is designed for complex life. The moon is paramount in sustaining a communication system, possibly related to planetary magnetism and perhaps contributed to by a solar radiation component. The “frequency” of the communications medium varies sufficiently with the lunar orbit and other planetary orbits and with other interacting factors to give a definite differentiation in the signal. Thus there are optimum times for receival, and thus complex life cycles in a relationship to the moon. It is via this system essential intelligence including new species intelligence – targeting the reproductive and immune systems in particular – was transmitted.

Do we have the physical component of our Tree of Life transmitter – now out of synchronization, but nevertheless discernable and perhaps usable in some way? Is it related to planetary magnetism or some unperceived gravitational-flexing effect?

We are stark raving mad except for a colossal, mind-blowing factor. Actually there is more than one. We shall deal with the lesser, first.

The earth’s magnetic field almost has to be the product of an electromagnet, with electric current(s) rotating somewhere in the earth. This current is presumably a product of gravitational drag or flexing, and therefore the magnet stands roughly perpendicular to the broad plane in which the sun and moon lie. Because we cannot model this, with the colossal deep-earth pressures, we are at a disadvantage. Strange unknowns may intrude when rock and metal become so compressed. But we do know that something to do with electricity, magnetism, and quite possibly gravitational flexing, is involved; and when we add in a solid and liquid core and the host of the other planetary variables to the system, storage and transmission of information, weird though it may seem, becomes more attainable. Electricity, magnetism, light, and atoms are all intimately associated and interwoven. To re-order DNA and immune systems requires re-arrangement of atoms. What if there is a communications capability via some unknown sort of gravity or more likely “magnetism wave”, perhaps in co-ordination with radio-type waves, if we can get the right “wavelength” for the tissues and person involved? Could a quantum-category electronic system operating within planets provide the unifying factor?

The point: find that unifying factor, and unlock secrets – secrets we are meant to know.

Hold onto your brain.

The Almighty does not deal in trivia. The words of God are health and life to those who find them. The Bible is health and life from level A to level Z. We are here operating at about level Z, but that’s better than not operating at all. Consider this.

The Bible by a type makes the sun the man and the moon the woman. The woman is in a sense the mother of all living. The tree of life is in a sense the source of all living. Hence, there is a very distant tie between the tree of life and the moon. That computes. Take another look at the fossil record and take another look around at life in general if you don’t see it. It computes.

To this point in time, science has largely ignored the moon as of major importance to life. There have been some surprising, positive outcomes from research into such things as links between vegetable growth and moon phases, but as yet we have no harmonizing theory of lunar-synchronized animal reproduction. The Bible says, and observation says, there is a major but hidden association between the moon (meaning moon-generated or assisted effects) and life. These concealed effects are more important than those of the sun in the origin and reproduction of species! If the analogy goes all the way, the sun or its radiation may have co-operated with the moon-generated effect(s) in playing an equal part in the actuation and sustenance of the species.

This is enough to get anyone burned for a heretic by all sides.

Here is another remarkable fact. The moon can smite by nightAmongst its many meanings, that can be taken as meaning there is an effect which the moon generates, which can kill if there is substandard information or no intelligent information (night = ignorance). And there is a pestilence that walketh in darknessThere is a disease that progresses steadily and inexorably in darkness: in the absence of proper information. Are we being given a pointer in the fight against degenerative cellular diseases, such as cancers? And do hitherto inexplicable events recorded/forecast in the Scriptures – e.g., localized darkness, strange atmospheric phenomena, etc. – suddenly begin to tell us something technically significant?

Something here computes. Perhaps we can all work together on this now that the debate is over. It will certainly require all disciplines co-operating. We may even find more good reasons for some rockets to the planets? The sky is the only limit.

If one has just had one’s leg pulled for 150 years, a spectacular diversion in a cause potentially beneficial to all humanity could be good public relations policy.

People back in the so-called Dark Ages understood the Bible had to be talking about pre-existence of species or something such. Darwin could have explained the fossil record accurately even back in his times by employing the concept. Unfortunately, elements within modern “science” have not only been publishing philosophical gobbledigook: they have been countenancing the doctrines of darkness. Mankind can only suffer as a result. Those who will rob the Creator of his honour invariably find themselves the losers.

The shades of Newton, Lord Kelvin and the Greats haven’t had so much joy since Einstein agreed with them that God does not play at dice.

You will find science not antagonistic but helpful to religion. William Thomson

All my discoveries have been made in answer to prayer. Isaac Newton

Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.
Galileo Galilei

The Bible, and it alone, with nothing added to it nor taken away from it by man, is the sole and sufficient guide for each individual, at all times and in all circumstances. Michael Faraday

First published 2000.